Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ATV trip to West Chown Rd.

Finally got out for a ride today, started off with low cloud but towards the end the sun was starting to shine. Riders today Paul, Gord and Ron seen at one of the many food stops.
In the last week the trees have started to turn colour. Click on pic for panorama. The grouse took a bit of a beating today we will honour them with a supper tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Makobe River, Elk Lake

Back to the campsite we stayed at in Elk Lake and took a walk up the Makobe River. With the water level higher there are some impressive rapids right at the end of the river. In the park along the trail some High-bush Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) with extra red berries, and along the river some fall asters.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foggy morning

Yesterday lots of fog in the early morning. Went over to the forestry point for some shots.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Canoe trip day 5

Heavy fog on waking, you couldn't even see the river. Didn't need to hurry this AM as we will be at Latchford sometime this afternoon. Broke camp just as you could just see the island on the other side of the river. Paddled down one side of the river so that we wouldn't lose our bearings. When the fog lifted the sun came out with a vengence and the humidity too. A couple of times we pulled in to the shady side of the river for a few minutes and a drink of (hot)water.
Finally got to Pork Rapids which are now flooded by the dam in Latchford. This was one of the portages for the steam boats going up the Montreal River to Matchewan.
Just about to Bay Lake there was an old steam powered boat submerged in the river, it looked as if it had caught fire and the captain went to shore. The steel stem was standing up at the front and at the back you could see the propeller shaft and the planking below. I would estimate the ship was about 30 to 35 feet.
Finally we arrived at Bay Lake a long lake about 8 km. fortunately there wasn't a lot of wind on the last part of the trip. Arrived at Latchford after lunch, loaded the canoe on Brian's car and headed for the restaurant for lunch. The last day we covered just over 20Km.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canoe trip day 4

Leaving the Indian Lake campsite in good time we headed down towards Mowat's Landing. The trip down the river was pretty well marsh on both sides with lots of ducks. Finally to Mowat's landing where we put in and went up to Mowat's Landing Camp to try a get something cold to drink. The cold pop sure went down good. At this landing boats and canoes leave for Lady Evelyn Lake. The Mattawapika Dam holds back Lady Evelyn but there is a boat lift to get past the dam. By the amount of cars and boats at the landing it is a busy spot.
We asked the camp owner about the weather he said the forecast was for rain later on and all night, thank goodness it will cool down some. He told us of a campsite just down the river, a good place to get set up early for rain.
We finally had to cut some trees down to set the tent up in a stand of Balsam fir. Put the fly up and down came the rain. We stood under the fly until it let up a bit, made some supper and got ready for bed. Today we paddled just over 20km a much easier day than yesterday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Canoe trip day 3

When we left Elk Lake we didn't know how long it was going to take to the next campsite. At the south end of Elk Lake there is a train tressel which used to carry the train into Elk City. The train ran into Elk Lk from Earlton for the first time in February 1913. The train no longer comes into town.
Further down we reached Mountain Lake with a good south wind which made making any time impossible. A few more kilometers later Mountain Chutes, here years ago the ferry from Latchford had to unload passengers and gear for their portage to the next ferry above the rapids and then on to Elk Lake.
We expected to reach a campsite about 8 km down the river but it wasn't there, the best we could do was move along to the next at Indian Lake 5km further on. Luckly it was there as we were just about done in with the heat and the wind, today we paddled 35 km.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Canoe trip day 2

About 4 1/2km. south of last night's camp is the Indian Chute's Generating Station, the dam here holds back water of the Montreal River and its watershed. It's an old power station and unmanned. The portage around the dam is very steep, walking the packs very carefully down the well worn path. With the canoe we grabbed the ropes at each end and just slid it down the hill, had to be over 60 degree slope. Once down on the river the sun did it's work on us, the sides are high and there wasn't even a breeze.
A lot of paddling with all the meanders of the river made it a hard paddle unil we got to Elk Lake. When we arrived at Elk Lake the first stop was for cold pop and ice cream, then paddled over to the Makobe River into the tent and trailer park. Set up the tent cooked dinner, went back to the store for more pop and ice cream. After paddling over 28 km. in the heat it was time to head for the tent, and watch another great sundown.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back from Canoe trip 2010

Took the truck with canoe and gear up to Matachewan for the trip down to Latchford about 124 km. Paul came with us and took the truck home (thanks Paul). Brian and I started paddling about 9:30, weather hot and not much current. Reached Fox Rapids shortly and had a good run through. Further on the water was too shallow for the next 3 rapids and had to line and haul over the rocks.
On the way we spotted a bear diving in and out of the water eating water plants as we got closer he caught our scent and headed for the shore. Finally after 19.5 km. and blazing sun we pulled into a campsite just before the first portage at Indian Chutes Generating Station. Set the tent had supper and around 7 went out for fish and caught bass and walleye. All this was followed by a great sunset.