Saturday, March 3, 2018

Yesterdays trip to Diabase Lake

Went in to Diabase yesterday to see what the trail looked like.  For one thing I was having trouble with the 1.5 in. or more with the snowshoes going under the crust with every step.  Finally got to the lake and it was a bit better going,  Somebody had been doing some fishing there but not recent.  Took a couple of pics and headed back to the trail as I got closer to the shore there was a gap right at the shore I walked over to it and fell thru the ice with one snowshoe and when it hit the bottom it was muck and the shoe had got under the ice. The water didn't even get in to my boot but it took some time to get out of the mud and under the ice I poked the hole a bit larger to pull out the shoe still on my foot.  Lesson learned.