Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rug has arrived and laying about

Installers showed up about 9:15AM and were on their way by 11:30AM. Just seemed to go down so quickly to make such a difference relative to the rest of the work. Anyway it looks and feels great. It's hard to take a picture to show it but I took some with just rug and some with furniture I started to move it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few more pics from yesterday near Duncan Lake

Snow this AM for a short while, nothing on the ground. Turned sunny by mid morn and nice the rest of the day.
Just a bunch of small jobs today, as I wait for the rug, tomorrow.
The pics, the one of the twinflower was from the Wapus, it's so nice to see some greens and colours beside snow, dark trees, more snow, more dark trees.

One of the old log cabins at the Duncan Lake landing. I talked to Ed Barnstaple today and he said an aboriginal guide used to live in it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just like summer

Temps on the rise overnight made it quite plesant this AM. The temp just kept rising through the day until rain and cool returned by evening. The fire is on again tonight.
Morning temps were over 20C early this morning which was just right for some pic taking.
Out highway 560 W to see if there is any access to the sideroads, they are getting better but still have snow and look pretty muddy. It will be another week before they will be worth using getting wood. Raking leaves and needles and removed the ends off the wood shed to start filling it up again.
The floor in the front room is stapled down and the rug installers will be here on Wednesday. Hooray.

Got some pics of a pair of Hooded Mergansers, and some melting thats going on around the area. Took quite a few down near Duncan Lake.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great day today

Cleaning up the lot across the road. After several years the growth of poplars and cherry had overtaken the lot. I had a lot cut from last fall and today I burned up all the tops and branches. It took the whole day but it sure saved me lots of loads to the dump. Now all I have to take are the bigger stems. Had to wait for a north wind to burn so the town wouldn't get smoked out but early in the AM the wind had a mind of it own until later it moved around to NNWest. Perfect for burning. Spent the whole day burning and the weather was great.
Paul and I went for a drive west of town to the Bay Lumber Road at Duncan Lake I took some pics of a Goldeneye duck, a male. You can see why he is called a Goldeneye.

Next day a Robin in the back yard, spring is bringing in lots of new migrants.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Todays pics of the room

I seem to find myself sitting in the front room wondering why it took so long, it's not that big of room. I started the first week in January and seem to have wasted a lot of time doing only a small bit at a time. There was always something else that had to be done, usually this meant dusting and cleaning or sometimes looking out the window. Snowshoeing was my outlet to really have a goal of doing something that had to be done just because I like it. That looked after Jan. Feb. and March when it became apparent I better get my head together and get on with the job. April it started to feel like spring was moving too fast as pretty soom it would be time to cut wood and catch up on last years clean up across the road. Today I feel a lot better knowing I'm caught up inside and now to start the outside work.
The weather is stalling for another week with rain and moderate temps. Have put the fire on to take away the dampness.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally the painting is finished

It's been a long haul, from January but the work is all but done. The last thing I have to do is staple down the floor before the rug comes. The brushes and the paint pots are gone. Tools cleaned up and put away. All is well.

Went out to the forestry point and sat on the park bench for awhile, took a few pics while out.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has sprung

Three warm days in a row and a couple of more on the way. The snow is taking a beating although not to fast.

To nice to spend painting but today was get'er done day, all the trim done the ceiling fixed up, the shelves done, electrical plates on the switches and receptacles and the foam around the door. All thats left is cutting in with the two greys and stapling the subfloor down and it's ready for rug.

Did get out around the yard to take a few pics in the sun and warmth.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Jeremy and the boys came up from Sudbury on Friday and were surprised to see the amount of snow here compared to home. Most of the fields and high areas in Sudbury are clear of snow.

Took a trip up to the tower where the boys were itching to climb it but were persuaded by Dad and myself that they go no further than the gate. The rolls of cable from the dishes are now installed right into the building. Another sign that work is still coming along.

Also a pic below the dam of the Montreal River starting to rise with the melt starting.

Both coats of paint on the walls now, another cutting in job and cleaning up of spots on the white ceiling and trim to do. Rug has been ordered and will arrive near the end of the month.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Painting along

Another batch of snow to clear this AM, and tomorrow will be the same. The snow we lost earlier is back along with a bit more.
Making for great painting days. Two coats of light grey on the north and south walls and cut in around the edges and yesterday one coat of the darker grey on the east and west walls and cut in today around edges. Tomorrow second coat of the darker colour and then cut in where needed and fix the white on the ceiling where I slipped up(oops).
The panorama is a little off but it shows a little bit more of the room at once. The west window is a way out of scale, haven't figured out how to stop it from doing that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's with this April showers

April showers turned into an overnight snowstorm that dropped about 30cm of snow on Gowganda. I had a difficult time getting out of the house and decided to get the snowblower out before anymore came down. Heavy wet snow, it was hard to blow. The wind was blowing all over the place, came into the house looking like a snowman.
Got the first coat of paint on the side walls, looking pretty good.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yes finally, tomorrow the final painting starts with the ceiling paint going on. Once that's done it's on to the walls. It's been a long haul but things are finally taking shape.