Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back on the trail again yesterday

Luke was ready to try the long trail south of the highway after having done the short one. Started around 1:00 pm, lots of snow on the trail as we have only gone around this once this year. I reflagged and cut some new spots but that was back in early February. We have had quite a bit of snow since then. In the bush it was pretty good going most of the way and staying away from the shore where the wind had blown the snow helped too. Later in the day the snow started to stick under the bindings with the higher temperatures. Took over three hours to go around. Good trip turned into a good workout.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of new snow overnight

Well we finally are getting snow, the drift around the garage was up to my knees this morning. The snowblower wasn't very happy when I woke it out of its slumber to go for a walk. All cleaned up and it still kept coming down till about noon and then tapered off.

What a better time for a snowshoe, fortunately Dave Kronk and Luke from Ohio just arrived the day before from Ohio. They were checking out the cottage on the lake and it was Dave's first trip to Gowganda in the winter ever. They both came armed with snowshoes and were ready to tackle the trail.

We started at Hedlund marsh and went into the prospector's cabin and then took off up the trail. Snow conditions were perfect, the bush was great and the trek perfect.

Both Dave and Luke commented that these are sights that you just don't ever see from driving down the road.

Monday, February 22, 2010

This AM's ice fog

Pics of the ice fog this morning. With the blue sky and early sun who could ask for better than that.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some more fresh snow

Paul and I out on the trail today and half way thru the sun finally broke thru. At last the sun caught up to the old forecast. What a difference it makes after several days of cloud.
One more panel of drywall tomorrow and the walls will be covered and on to the ceiling.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowshoeing on fresh snow

Dull skys today but a bit of fresh snow on the trail. Temperature just below freezing so the snow didn't even stick to the shoes. Spotted a mink running just inside the bush line when I got to MacIntosh Lake, followed him almost to the south end of the lake, I don't know why he didn't run back into the bush further. Maybe he thought I would make a meal.
With the dull skys there really isn't much to photograph even the snow doesn't show a shadow, but I did find some shelf fungus on a dead birch.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

South side drywall done

After taking off all the old z-brick as it was called from the chimney it turned out to have quite a sway in it. This chimney is not used anymore as the new furnaces oil and wood are downstairs under the back porch. It is right in the centre of the house and starts right at the basement with block and mortar and then in the dining room upstairs it turns to brick and the brick continues thru the upstairs and outside. I should have taken it down years ago but now it would be a job and a half especially working up on the roof.
It took a long time to shim it all out sometimes using 2x4's for shims at one end and tight to the block at the other. I was trying to get it as small as possible. Anyway done now and move on to the north side and take some cupboards down to get behind at the walls.
Here is a pic taken a couple of days ago at the feeder with my new lense.
Over the last two days we have had about 13 cm. / 5" of snow and even had to get the snowblower out for a walk today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Out for some fresh air this afternoon

Finally finished drywalling the walls in the dining room as far as I can go, now I have taken down the covering of the chimney and will go around it with drywall too. The section over the door will be done to. Going any further is next years job the kitchen with cupboards and all.
After dusting myself off I hauled all the old material to the dump, this is the third trip. After lunch headed out west of town to see what has been going on took a few pics along the way including this one of the Wapus Creek as it gets close to the highway.
By the way if you use Google Maps check out Gowganda, Ontario the Google Eye drove right through the town and has impressive coverage of either side of the road. These were taken early last summer. To get there go to Google maps and just keep zooming down to the road or click on the little person near the zoom in tool.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flagging the trail

Out this afternoon flagging and cleaning up the last part of the the new trail. Found some more of the old trail and then added all the flagging that we missed last year. Lots of rabbit tracks, fox and a couple of wolf tracks. Took a couple of pics on the way out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finished up vapour barrier

Now it's on to the drywall. I think I will wait until Monday to start. With all the nice days it's hard to be working inside. I also find it hard to be working in such a small room, hardly enough to swing a 9 foot piece of drywall in.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First full trip around new snowshoe trail

Yesterday Paul and I went around our trail we worked on last winter. Started off going south from the Hedlund marsh and down to our marked trail we cut last winter. With the lack of snow this year there was more than enough obstacles sticking up through the snow. It was difficult manuvering through the bush, at one point there is a narrow gap between rocks where the creek runs this year there was barely enough snow and ice to get over it.
Finally got down to Gowganda Lake and across to where we cut the long trail across to the North arm. This was even tougher in spots than the last area and when got about two thirds of the way through we lost the flagging we were following. This section didn't get flagged as we run out last year and never got back to flag it. Some areas we could follow by looking where we cut on the sides of trees and branches.
At last we were in the North Arm and it had started snowing real heavy (this is where I took the pics). From there north to the snowmobile trail into Single Lake and west on the highway back to Hedlund Marsh. Paul had been tracking on his GPS and sent me the file, the new trail measures in at 7.2 Km.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prospector's cabin

During 1920, L. O. Hedlund was prospecting a claim 1.5 miles north of Gowganda Lake. The claims were around McLoughlin Lake which has since been drained by blasting in aid of the waterpower supply of Gowganda Lake and is now represented by a marsh. Highway 560 runs right through it west of town. It's in fairly good shape but it has a tin roof that doesn't look as old as the cabin. He may even left his most important item behind the coffee pot.

On the trail

Out for a snowshow today, less that 3 inches of new snow since the thaw we had back in January. This video shows a small part of the trail if you notice I have turned off the huffing and puffing this time.

You could walk just about anywhere today and not break thru the crust which encourages going in places you wouldn't usually go. I ended up at a cabin owned by Mr. Hedlund who was the local prospector in the 1920's . I took some video and pictures which I will post tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Back in town

Got home yesterday afternoon from having a great Christmas with Jeremy and family in Sudbury. Great eats and I got to bring a freezer full home too. Spent the evening beside the pool watching the kids swim, what a hard life.
Out today at the forestry point, didn't realize that Ron Quick had such a large skating rink going on out there. Must be part of the olympic venues.