Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chasing the aurora borealis

Each time when the conditions are high I have been out looking for the northern lites again.  One night the clouds rolled in about ll:30pm and that was end of that night, a couple of days later on it was quite cool and the fog started coming up of the Miller Lake not much to see again. Here is one of the pics of all the stars, there is even an airplane moving thru.

Yesterday starting my walk I spotted a bright object in the north sky.  It turned out the be a large weather ballon that was let go in Timmins in the early morning and finally came down in Amos, Quebec.  This is a joint project with Canada and the French space agency studying the upper atmosphere.  When I got home I snapped this shot of it. You can just see the 1100kg package that is hanging below the balloon. 

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