Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finally made it around the snowshoe trail

It's been several years since we were snowshoeing quite often in the winter.  Back then the trail was all marked with flagging.  Since then looking for it took a long time, last fall I did some of it and a bit more the winter.  This week I started from the other end at Hedlund marsh up to McIntosh Lake.  At the lake there was a cut several years ago and all the trail markers were gone, finally finished joining the other end together. This trail starts up Bouche Rd and ends a Hedlund marsh at the road and walk back on the road to Bouche Rd. Here are some pics I took on the Hedlund/McIntosh end.  Next time out will be the first time in along time to go all the way around.

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Karen said...

So pretty! Looks fun!