Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not to much going on

With the cold making a return visit the last few days I have been working on the drywall. Have finished the first coat with a light sanding. Will start tomorrow with the second coat, it's actually starting to take shape. The new door I ordered at least 3 weeks ago still hasn't arrived but it's been too cold to put it in anyway.
It's supposed to go to -29C tonight with a warming trend the next few days, with Saturday going to +3. The days are even starting to last a bit longer and there is a new feel to the sun, maybe the groundhog was wrong.

Have been feeding a raven the last few days but he is still a little shy, hopefully he may gain a little more confidence as the food gets better.

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Brook said...

The walls look great! What progress, you must be feeling pretty good about yourself-I would be. I read an interesting book about ravens-something about them being the wolves of the skies or something. The author is a scientist and studied Corvae for years. Anyway, I am sure "your" raven appreciates the extra.