Monday, November 2, 2009

It sure is getting dark here early now

With the time change on Sunday it sure closes in early now. I kept looking at my watch and thought it wasn't working but sure enough sunset comes pretty early 5:01 to be exact. Seems to make the evening so much longer.
Out yesterday with some new equipment called Pocket Wizards. They allow you to remotely fire flashes and the camera with a press of a button. Up to 1600 ft. so it says. Can't imagine ever using it that far away. This will improve (I hope) taking flash pics. The flash will be off camera and will give less of a deer in the headlight look. It will be good taking some pics of flowers under a heavy tree cover for example. Will have to wait for next spring for that to happen.
Stopped for some pics of fall blueberries on a high ridge, and a small beaverpond reflecting the sky.
On another note the Gowganda Website has been removed from Yahoo Geocities as it was closing, the new site is here. Check it out and add to the numbers of visitors. The site is now funded by the GCRA. Thanks

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