Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Duncan Lake-Northern Lites and Lyrids Meteor Shower

Out to find both and ended up coming home a bit after midnight.  I took a lot of pics but couldn't find any meteors or Northern Lights  Here is one looking down Duncan Lake of the Milky Way. Click on pic for larger view.


gert said...

Beautiful...isn't that a shooting star in the upper right hand side of the picture? See the straight line?

Face said...

Are the lights to the North Timmins or maybe Matechwan? I always wondered when I stayed there.

Was there for the Perseids a couple times. One time you could hear ones going thru the atmosphere.

Dark sky and quiet.

Gowganda Photography said...

I wondered that myself so I checked by the angle of where I took the picture to Timmins. The angle was about 5 degrees out so I suspect that it is a reflection from Timmins. Bill

Face said...

Thanks Bill - all I had to go on was paper maps. Been awhile since I was there - had the cabin at Breeze Creek that faces right up the Lake.

Think that about 60 miles if memory and map skills were correct.

Hard to find dark sky :)