Friday, April 4, 2014

Star watching earlier this week

Out taking some star photos last week on one of the warmer nights.  About 10:30pm a group of stars north of Orion called the Pleiades(the cluster between the trees)  in the western skies.  These are sometimes called the 7 Sisters.  With binoculars there are many faint stars with a small telescope you would see more than 100.   click on pic for better view


ML said...

Great picture. Thank you Bill.

Karen said... it that light out that time of the night at this point in the year or is the light I see from your camera?
The stars always amaze me up there! Where I live there is too much outside light to see that many. I always want to stay up and try to see the Northern Lights when I'm up visiting, but I'm usually too tired. Is there any particular time of the night that one might see the Northern Lights?

Gowganda Photography said...

Because the camera's shutter is open for more than 15 seconds or more any light will show in the picture, in this case lite was coming from behind me probably the lite at the store. That's the lite on the trees.
Regarding the Northern Lites I check a site ( If the forecast is 4 or more and the blast from the sun is in the right direction you may get to see them once in awhile. Some days just after dark or later but you have to be in an area where it is really dark. If the rating is below 4 chances are they don't even reach this far south.