Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday nights Camelopardalid meteor shower

 This was to be quite a show, the first time it has happened in years a new meteor storm was brewing.  Turned out to be a bit of a flop but that's not to say many people came to North America to see it. It has been described as disappointing.   It was to start about 2am to 4am of course I had to get the camera to catch it too.  I took pictures for 2 hours every 21 seconds as I found out at close to end of the time the dew covered my lens which I couldn't see and that is why you will see it getting lighter.  I saw 1 meteor which shows up about the 8 second mark of this clip. It goes past pretty quick.


Anonymous said...

Great video clip though. I have enjoyed your site now for several years.
Can I ask the details of how you created that time lapse of the night sky? (type of camera, settings, exposure etc...)
Rob Cartotto

Gowganda Photography said...

Rob, I use a Canon DSLR camera, for the settings I set the lens for the widest aperture for me usually f2.8, set the lens to infinity, use the bulb mode for long exposure and depending on the camera and lens set the time for about 21sec. I use a intervalometer that runs the camera for as long as you need. It plugs into the camera and triggers the shutter for the 21 sec and then in 1 second it fires it again for 21 sec. These are handy to have but you could push the shutter button carefully every 21 seconds.
Once you get the images on the computer I use Photoshop to set up the video. There are other programs such as Window video maker. There are several tutorials on the computer one of the best to describe is http://