Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hedlund Marsh

 Most of the small marshes are free of ice now along with the Wapus River and the bottom end of Duncan Lake.  Not a lot of snow in the bush and the side roads are starting to dry up.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, that will help.  The rest of the week on and off showers.  It will be close to have the bigger lakes ice free before fishing next week.
 Here is a pic of Hedlund Marsh and a pair of Ring-necked ducks.

click for larger pic



Terry In Buffalo said...

Hi Bill !

Good to see it's starting to thaw up there ! Is Firth Lake ice free yet ? We're making the trip up in 2 weeks, hoping to leave the ice fishing gear at home !

Ella said...

It's always so fascinated to see the name "Hedlund Marsh" on your blog as Hedlund is a Swedish surname. I guess that it's been a immigrant that came to Canada long time ago.