Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lake solid

Last night cold with no wind the lake began to freeze over about 5:30PM and by AM was completely stiff as far as I could see. Light winds today and a bit of warming temperatures didn't change it.

Yesterday I got out to the snowshoe trail off of the Bouche cut road. I thought I would see how far I could get without getting too wet. As it worked out with the beaver dam broken a lot of the area I could get around. I could have went right into MacIntosh but cut back out to the road and came back to the highway past the big beaver pond .


dave said...

Don't tell me that big dam on the beaver pond broke,did the road flood?

Gowganda Photography said...

This is another beaver pond a bit west of the one on the road. It drains west of the Bouche cut road and flows south. Bill

bigtree said...

Hey Bill

Sorry, didn't mean to offend with my comment about Sportsmans Camp...don't want to appear as the "Ugly American" other comments still stand, great site, excellent photos, and thanks for the connection to my favorite place on the planet ! Thanks, too, Dave...I've seen ND's site as well, that's how I got here, as I'm always looking to find info on the area !

Peace !


Bigtree said...

By the way, Bill, what kind of camera are you using ?

dave said...

Ok Bill but that one picture is the big beaver pond by white rock road.If that dam ever breaks...........lookout!!!There's a lot of water in that pond.Bigtree,that's my favourite place on earth lol.I've been going ther for 45 years and spent my summers there as a kid with my grandparents.I so look forward to getting up there each year and getting out of the rat race.Even though we're summer residents,there's not to many places I haven't explored up there.If you like it so much maybe you should buy a place.It's a bit of a worry having it closed most of the year but the people up there are great and watch your back.If something happens you usually get a phone call right away.

Gowganda Photography said...

Glad to see you back.
When I am on the trail or canoeing I ususally use my Canon XT Rebel. It's a smaller DSLR camera that I have used for several years. If I have something to do with a little more interest or go back and reshoot I use the Canon 40D DSLR it has a few extra bells and whistles.