Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More snow on the way

Finally had to go out and get the snowblower going this AM. Accumulations of three or four days over 10cm. At least I got the rust off the blower and moved some gravel. More of the same weather for the next few days.

Have had some time to identify new lichens from the rock outcrop east of Lost Lake. One is Wooly Foam Lichen and the other Rock Tripe (the blackish one)


Gert said...

I always wondered what that black stuff was....now I know. But I wonder how many of the plants etc. I will remember??????

Bigtree said...

Hey Guys-
Bill thanks for the camera info. I'm a professional Videographer who's just getting back into the joys of still photography. My Dad was a big 35mm guy and taught me quite a bit.Until my wife got me a Nikon D40 for my 50th this year, I had kind of lost track of my cameras. So much to learn with digital, but I'm loving every minute of it ! Dave, I envy you-I'd love to buy a place up there, but the wife thinks it's too far... (we live near Buffalo, N.Y.)
until I can convince her otherwise, I'll have to be happy making the yearly trek up to Northern Pine Camp (I'm not complaining, mind you ! ) Bill, do you know Dave Runion? If you do, and see him, tell him Terry from Buffalo sends greetings !

Peace !