Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slush on the lake

The same story, more snow but quite warm today. The lake took on a real slushy look today due to all the snow falling on it. A sledder's nightmare. This may make travel on the lakes very poor this winter.

A few new pics of our weather. Right now an Alberta Clipper is moving thru again and is suppose to drop another 10 to 15 cm. tonight.


dave said...

I know you guys up there hate the snow but wow does it ever look nice.I feel like hooking up the sled and coming for a visit.I love winter............

Bigtree (Terry) said...

May I request a photo Bill ? If you get up near Northern Pine Camp, can you shoot a few ? I've never been up there in winter, and I'd love to see how it looks !
Thanks !