Friday, May 15, 2009

Home again

Off to the big city of North Bay last Sunday. Had an appointment and did a little shopping, then on to Huntstville. Kate was working at Steamers which is part of Deerhurst Resort. Chef Kate was manning the kitchen and even cooked me up one of their specials. My plate always seems fuller than everyone elses when she is cooking. I wonder why. After work we went and seen her new apartment, just being painted and ready to move in at the end of the month. A lot bigger and nicer than her last place for sure. Nice visit as we have not seen each other since before Christmas.

After Huntsville on to my friends Dave and his wife Kitty on Highway 518 on the way to Parry Sound. Great visit and lots of good food and fun. Helped him clear some of his bush for a new storage building he is putting in. Lots of big trees and a good time to get some firewood. The blackflies are getting pretty thick down there where its warmer. All the leaves were out and the grass and flowers were growing lake crazy, what a difference than Gowganda.
Ah home again last night, its always good to come home. Today was catch up day, the parts had finally all come in and the ones I bought home finished off all the equipment I was working on. Tomorrow is the start of walleye fishing and the weather is going to be poor with wind and rain. Saturday we may even have snow. What a treat.
The bird is a rose breasted grosbeak taken at Dave's birdfeeder.

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Brook said...

There is something quite appealing about the photo of the stacked wood.