Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter arrives

Finally there is enough snow and ice, there are snowmobiles on the lake and one ice hut.  The snow plows seem to have magically disappeared as the snow gets deeper.  I was told that the routes had been changed because their was more need for them around the mine at Matachewan.  The road is now split at Long Point Lake.  One snowplow comes from Shingtree to Long Point and the one from Elk lake turns back at Long point.  The road to Elk Lake is half plowed most of the time until they finally get around  to it.  It used to be one snowplow from Elk Lake to Gowganda and back, which is better for the school bus.  What is wrong with these peoples minds.  The safety of the kids on the school bus should come first.

The second pic is from the high hill looking back towards the west as the sun was coming up.

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Ron said...

yes the plow routes you speak on seem real dumb. Should consult your MP. Thats why we have them in office. Glad you got snow. How think is the ice and what is the total for snow ?