Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back from Sudbury Part 2

Went back down to Sudbury yesterday AM in a bit of a snowstorm, Highway 560 in good shape as nothing had been on it going west (I left early). Got to 144 and they had salted the heck out of it and it was all slush, not even scraped up. Anyway took a little longer but arrived about noon. First off to Future shop as my new LCD screen of 5 months packed it in with something burning inside and leaving quite a foul odour. A great time to give up the ghost as I was going to Sudbury anyway. Service Dept. looked after it in no time gave me a brand new one with few questions. Soon as I said there was a burning smell he just started the paper work.

The real reason to go to Sudbury was to go and see the new 3-D IMAX movie screen at Science North, it had just opened at the beginning of the month. I had been there before and seen regular IMAX shows but never in 3-D. Jeremy, Stacey and the boys and I went to see Sea Monsters (dinosaurs). They tied together the skeletons found of several types of sea monsters with life size animated ones. Their life histories of how they lived and died and where the skeletons were found. A great story, but the great part was the 3-D you could almost reach out and touch them, fish were zipping past and huge dinosaurs zoomed above your head. You walked throught the forest and felt that you should move the branches so they didn't hit you. An explosion at a quarry looking for skeletons sent most people off their seats. Anyway you get the idea, if you ever get the chance make time and go and see one of these type of movies you won't be disappointed.

On the way home I stopped and took some pics of Shingtree's new tower. It's about 140 ft and will have 2 dishes on it by the looks of it.

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Brook said...

I recently had my first 3D movie experience and am now hooked. I can only imagine how wonderful the combination of Imax(which I love)with 3D is. Gonna have to try it soonest!