Monday, March 2, 2009

Back from Sudbury

Down to Sudbury on Saturday to have Christmas with Jeremy, Stacey and the boys. We missed having Christmas as everyone was going in different directions, so this weekend was it. Got down there around 11:00 AM and had to visit Henry's camera store and a couple of other places. Next caught up with Jeremy at Staceys and eventually went out to eat. I had booked into the Days Inn and they have a pool. The boys and then Jeremy were in for quite some time. I played lifeguard along with Stacey. I hadn't seen Zach and Brenden since late October and they sure have grown.

Home on Sunday, after a brunch with everyone and then back up to Gowganda, road very rough but the weather was good.
Today was getting ready for paint in the front room. The primer will start tomorrow if nothing else pops up.

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Brook said...

Good to have a weekend away isn't it? And one spent with family can be delightful. Moving on to painting already? Can't wait to see the photos. Had 5 inches of snow here yesterday but most of it melted by tea time. Oh well.