Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wind warnings were true

Wow what a wind in some areas 98km/hr. down to the 70's in some spots. I didn't even use the wood furnace as I thought the power would have gone for sure. As it was it blinked and that's all.
Several branches on the Balsam fir by the bird feeder were ripped right off. A sheet of chipboard that was on the ground lifted off and hit the feeder destroying it. and then was heading out the driveway when I coralled it.
The wind finally has gone down but not entirely, expected low temps with the wind chill tonight down to -30C.

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Gert said...

You are too funny!!!

I sent Paul out looking for the BBQ cover. It was nearly over to Colette's and if it had gone over the side bank...bye bye cover.
We only lost the cover off the chimney.