Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canoe Trip 2009 Day 5

Last part of the trip today and by noon we should be in Matachewan. Everybody up early and a quick breakfast and on the way. Light showers started shortly afterward but no raincoats were needed as we dried just as fast. We have two rapids to do today one at Fort Matachewan an old Hudson Bay Post and another at Old Woman Rapids. The run at Fort Matachewan had a spillway which we took and the boys went down the rapids. At Old Woman Rapids we both got stuck on some rocks, the boys had to bail out and get off the bottom and we got stuck in the middle trying to stay away from where the boys ended up. The canoe swaped ends and I was looking upstream for awhile until we pushed off turned around and shot down through a trough that bought a wave over the bow into Brians lap. All in all a good run and lots of fun.
A little while later we could see the bridge of Matachewan and pulled up right beside the car that we left days earlier
Brian and I drove to Gowganda to get the truck and van while the boys cleaned up the goodies in the food barrel. A great trip had by all and the weather couldn't have been better.

No pics for the last part of the trip but a pic I took early this AM of Gowganda Lake with the fog rolling through

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Gert said...

That's a beautiful picture Bill..