Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canoe Trip 2009 Day 2

Didn't get moving too fast the second day but finally got out to do some fishing. Paddled back to the base of the second rapids and did some fishing from the shore. Not much biting there so out in the canoe pitching Rapalas and ended up with a nice bunch of walleyes. They were added to the Maritime pasta dish that Brian served up. Good stuff. After supper the sun dipped into Rankin and we watched the fire as the moon came up over the trees.
Yesterday after almost a year waiting I finally got hi-speed internet. There is now a seat belt on my chair in front of the screen.


Paul said...

Very cautious of you to wear the seat belt.
Might I suggest some goggles and hair gel!!!
Some anchor bolts on the monitor might also did on mine!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful sunset and great looking beach!! How were the mosquitoes?.Lucky to have nice weather. Great pics.

Robin Pilger said...

Woot for the high-speed!

Gowganda Photography said...

I didn't find the mosquitoes to bad but my down south paddlers found them terrible.

Brook said...

I love the sunset and campfire photos. Your trip sounds fun and exhuasting-perfect really!