Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Canoe trip 2009 on the way to Matachewan via Montreal River

Just back from a great 5 day trip up to Matachewan, left at the Wapus Ck. on 560 and headed north on the west Montreal River. These were some of the finest days of the summer, sunny, low humidity, a touch of drizzle the first night and a bit on the last morning of the trip. Brian, (brother in law) and his son Sam and his friend Johnathan arrived Wednesday night for the start of the trip on Thursday. Got all the gear packed Wednesday for the big start in the AM.
Lots of campers at the Wapus landing and several motor boats were tied up. Off we go, up the Wapus to the Montreal River and north into Metikemedo Lake and finally into Penassi Lake, using some old canoe route information there were very few of the marked campsites still being used. Without a good spot it's difficult to pitch a couple of tents so we paddled on. Further north we rode out two good rapids with no trouble even though the water was low. Finally got to Rankin Lake where I had heard there was a great beach to camp on. Little did a know it was quite large for a small lake off the river a piece. All in all 27 Km. later we pitched camp a tired bunch of paddlers. Had enough energy to have a steak and potato supper and a short sit around the fire and an early turn in for the night.
We only seen one motor boat the all the way up and it was on Penassi Lake. Where we were at Rankin it would have been hard to get a motor boat in since the water is low in the rapids.


Gert said...

This looks like a really shallow lake..but the beach is very nice..
You certainly had beautiful weather...
I was happy that you all got home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

very nice Bill, just got home from a 2 week stay in Gowganda. i enjoy your web site.
Larry Mordue