Friday, September 25, 2009

International Plowing Match, Earlton, Ontario

For the first time ever the IPM has come to northern Ontario at Earlton, Ontario. History records that in 1846 when the first provincial exhibition was held in the city of Toronto, a special feature of the event was a plowing match. It took place on a farm on Young Street in the vicinity of St. Claire Avenue. The IPM has been in various locations in Ontario since 1913.

Today the plowing competitons are combined with a Rural Expo of farm related products, from tractors to GPS's, quilting and solar energy products. Shows of tractor pulls, music and picking the Queen of the Furrow. Check out the IPM here.

Here are a few pics of the old tractors on show.


Anonymous said...

hello Bill,Great pictures as usual. Good to see some pics of the IPM. Quite the scene with so many people and everything going off with no major problems. Enjoy your pictures and look forward to many more.

Kate Fox said...

I remember going to a plowing match...I had a issue with a pumpkin...or was that the Royal Winter Fair???

Gowganda Photography said...

That would be the Royal where the avalanche of pumpkins just about flattened you.

Gert said...

Bill , Thanks for putting the link up as well. I went out and saw 168 pictures of the IPM...Loved it