Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Jeremy and the boys came up from Sudbury on Friday and were surprised to see the amount of snow here compared to home. Most of the fields and high areas in Sudbury are clear of snow.

Took a trip up to the tower where the boys were itching to climb it but were persuaded by Dad and myself that they go no further than the gate. The rolls of cable from the dishes are now installed right into the building. Another sign that work is still coming along.

Also a pic below the dam of the Montreal River starting to rise with the melt starting.

Both coats of paint on the walls now, another cutting in job and cleaning up of spots on the white ceiling and trim to do. Rug has been ordered and will arrive near the end of the month.

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Brook said...

Lovely family. Holidays aren't the same without them are they?Just came home to do laundry from a family visit to Florida(in the 90's-too hot!)then on to the next leg of our vacation time. I am so afraid of heights, I could not have watched those boys take even two rungs before urging tham down.
can't wait to see the carpet pics!