Saturday, April 4, 2009

What's with this April showers

April showers turned into an overnight snowstorm that dropped about 30cm of snow on Gowganda. I had a difficult time getting out of the house and decided to get the snowblower out before anymore came down. Heavy wet snow, it was hard to blow. The wind was blowing all over the place, came into the house looking like a snowman.
Got the first coat of paint on the side walls, looking pretty good.


Brook said...

Wow-they are predicting a chance of snow here tomorrow-in the 70's today. April weather is very unpredictable lately it seems.

Kate said...

Wow you got more than huntsville!! Snowed all day saturday, Supposed to get 15cm tonight!! Crud.....The Big East is starting to flood, but hasn't come to close to me yet..I'm gonna try to get out on Wednesday to get some pics. Nobody is in any danger as of now, but MNR has put out warnings.