Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ATV ride today

Paul Trudel and I made the trip from the Crane Lake Rd. to the Roadhouse Rd by way of the new logging roads. On our way we stopped at the trail to Canyon Lake and rode in part way. Had some trees to cut and quite a few boulders to miss, finally we walked in the last 50 meters.

Great time for a pic looking down the lake and some of Moccasin flower or Stemless Ladyslipper. There is more to this story, stay tuned in.


Anonymous said...

Bill, I'm the picture of Crane Lake? Your writing suggests it is Canyon Lake and it looks a little bit like it to me, although I have only seen Crane Lake by looking down on it. Nice picture regardless :>) N.

Brook said...

I have fond memories of looking for lady slippers with my dad, we never picked them! but on hikes it was always a treat to spot one or two of these native orchids.

Gowganda Photography said...

It is Canyon Lake, there was an ATV trail all the way in but we didn't want to get stuck in the last few meters and walked in. We did get very close to Crane lake on our trip too, less that a kilometer.