Thursday, June 4, 2009

ATV trip continued

Another stop on this trip was up to the Roadhouse fire tower, it is now used by Fiset logging as a radio repeater for it's bush work. The road into the tower had been fixed up since I was there last and was good going. The view from the bottom of the tower is spectacular to the north, west and south east. The picture is taken towards the south east.

Below the tower over the cliff is the top cupola from the old fire tower days, after going down and exploring some of the pieces I found a name on it dated 1941 F. Pearcy an old fire tower keeper. Other towermen have there names on this piece too. A real piece of history of times long ago spent in a lonely firetower keeping watch of 100's of miles of forest.

The fungus is one I have no name for yet but is one I don't remember seeing before.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, keep up the good work. Very interesting.