Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First trip out for firewood

Not a bad AM to go and get a bit of firewood today, I had seen a few dead cedars that I wanted for kindling in one of the cuts earlier. Weather was cooler in the AM but soon got very hot again. Weather predictions are for several more days of rain coming in, as if we don't have enough all ready.
Before I left the house I spotted a dew soaked spider web in the lilacs, you never quite see them as good until they get wet.
Stopped at an old beaverpond where the reflections were splended and the sun was still low.
Finally found some ripening blueberries, not to many as I was eating them while taking the pictures. It won't be long before some areas are a sea of blue.

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Brook said...

That second shot, the beaver pond, is beautiful!