Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy with grandsons

Jeremy dropped the boys off on Sunday last for a week in Gowganda. The first time by themselves and for me. We have been keeping pretty busy and eating hearty. They are stomachs on legs.
The other day we were out fishing in the canoe at Tiger Lake for Splake, we saw them jumping along the shore and so did a mink watching from the other side of us. No fish but lots of showers as we have had every day so far. Zach is handling his fishing rod pretty good with the cast on his broken wrist.
Another day we went back to the bog to get some better pictures of creeping snowberry and some of bunchberry that had just turned red. The boys found some Indian pipe which I will post when I get them off the camera (just too busy you know).
Everyday they have been swimming whether it was nice or not.

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Brook said...

"Stomachs on legs" makes me glad to have all girls...I have a hard enough time keeping the husband fed somedays, I can't imagine two growing boys. What a good Grandpa you are to take them for two weeks!