Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More flowers

Best day of the whole summer so far. Sunny, no humidity, around 20C and the bugs were scarce what more could you ask for.

Went up to the tower for a look see, not too much new, one of the internet radios have been moved towards Lost or Long Lake to the east. The microwave cables are connected to the two dishes pointing towards Shinning Tree, other than that not too much.

Out for an ATV run on Bouche cut road late this PM finally got it all mapped out. It's surprising how close you can get to the north end of Firth Lake, a short 50 meter walk
A Wild Columbine and some Blue-Eyed Grass.

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Brook said...

The columbine is beautiful(for some reason I have a memory-true or not-of my brother and me eating the nectar from these flowers many years ago in upstate New York)and the blue eyed grass-those flowers make a pretty blue dye when they crumple back in on themselves-another fun memory from my childhood. Thanks.